During last week I read a lot of interesting posts on Agile and Leadership. Below is my Top 3 (in no particular order) – happy reading.

Managing the Middle Manager Conundrum by Brian Watson
In this post Brian discusses the post-transformation role of the middle manager and how their day-to-day activities will change more dramatically than anyone else in the organization. Make sure you are aware of the changing role of the middle managers in an Agile transformation and try to get them on board.

Let’s Save that Discussion for the Sixteenth Minute by Mike Cohn
Many teams struggle to keep the daily stand-ups short and in this short post Mike proposes that as a Scrum Master you make it a habit just to say, “That’s an interesting point. Let’s save it for the ‘Sixteenth Minute'” as a way to avoid the stand-up to drag on.

Working with Component Teams: How to Navigate the Complexity by Mukesh Chaudhary
In this Scrum Alliance post Mukesh discusses how to optimize collaboration between teams when you have to split teams by components/layers and not by features as you should always prefer. In the article Mukesh gives some concrete practical advice on how to organize work that might just help you increase effectiveness and quality in this less than idea set-up.

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