Having read another gazillion (almost) blog posts since my last Recommended Reading post, it’s time to share some of my favourites with you. My intension with the Recommended Reading series is to boil down all the great posts I have read since my last update to no more than three recommendations, but this time I have had to make an exception and add a fourth.

Meta-Practices for Agility by Tobias Mayer
In this short and to the point post Tobias discuss the differences between values, practices and principles and names five meta-practices that he finds indispensable when helping organizations create a learning culture. I much agree with Tobias that they are all valuable independently, but gives the highest return on investment when combines. Check out the post to learn about the five practices.

Transition to Agile, Large Technical Debt, Small Project by Johanna Rothman
Currently introducing Agile to an organization with a significant amount of legacy code of questionable quality, I found Johanna’s post on how to deal with technical debt in projects very insightful. Johanna’s knows better than to suggesting an easy fix solution, but gives some practical tips and wisely points out, that making sure technical debt is always visible is key to managing it.

Landscape of Sustainable Engineering Practices by Michael Sahota
Michael is one of my favorite Agile visualization “artists” (for lack of a better word). His drawings might not be the prettiest (sorry Michael), but they always communicate the intended information crystal clear. In this post Michael presents a diagram shows technical excellence at the peak of the mountain. The elevation indicates the level of challenge associated with the practices and a reasonable sequence of adoption. I have used this diagram along with others of Michael’s drawings in my coaching and they are so easy to explain.

goAgile Suitcase Blog Posts by Kristian Haugaard and Ole Jepsen
With the new goAgile website in place we now have the platform to share our thoughts, experience, ideas, etc. with the Agile community. I therefore encourage you to visit our Agile Suitcase where you will find blog posts by Kristian and Ole on Use Case camps, Agile adoption vs. transformation, Trust by exposure and Agile coaching. The suitcase also contains articles, videos and links to other stuff we find interesting and will be updated regularly. Thanks to Kristian for making it happen.

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