About me

My name is Martin Ellemann Olesen, and I strongly believe that skilled individuals driven by passion are more destined for success. Knowledge and insight is always important, but passionate people work harder, are easier motivated, have a better chance of mastering new skills and are often more fun to work with.

For a team or an organization to be successful, it is absolute key to attract and retain passionate and skilled people. Add to that the right leadership and you get a culture of mutual trust and respect, where cross-boundary team’s work dedicated and tenaciously towards solving complex and challenging situations.
It is my goal to contribute to create and sustain such a culture. I will invest all my personal prestige in achieving this goal by attracting, developing and supporting passionate and skilled individuals.

I always try to lead by example and I set high standards. I talk straight and what you see is what you get. I promote an honest open door policy, where issues are raised and solved early.


Leadership, People Management, Talent Development, Collaboration, Coaching, Mentoring, Agile Project Leadership & Scrum.

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