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[icon_column title=”LEADERSHIP COACHING” icon=”hb-moon-bubbles-4″]For successful and high potential leaders looking to achieve positive, long-term, measurable change in behavior: for themselves, their people and their teams.[/icon_column]
[icon_column title=”MENTORING” icon=”icon-heart-empty”]Do you buy into the values and principles of Agile Leadership and are you looking for a mentor who can help you learn and grow as a person and a leader? Then let’s talk over coffee and figure out if we are a match.[/icon_column]
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[icon_column new_tab=”no” title=”AGILE TRANSFORMATION” icon=”hb-moon-compass-2″]Agile is easy, change is hard. Based on experience from coaching three major tranformations I can help you lead your organization through the change curve.[/icon_column]
[icon_column title=”TRAINING & SPEAKING” icon=”hb-moon-mic”]I regularly do training or speak with different group (publicly and privately) about The Future of Work, Agile Leadership, Team Dynamics and Agile.[/icon_column]
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I deliver all my services as proud co-founder and member of Ugilic – the strongest Danish network of Unbossed Agile consultants. This means easy access to invaluable sparring and to scaling my services if needed.