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Stories from helping organizations embrace New Ways of Working
A culture of Collaboration is Born at the Top

A lot of the organizations I’m helping adopt Agile are looking to increase collaboration across the organization. Business and IT people need to work closely together to shorten feedback loops and drive down the time-to-market of new productions and solutions. The world is just too complex to solve the problems organizations face in silos. Many...

Fatal Management

I must admit, I sometimes deliberately, and probably more often unknowingly, provoke my clients to help them think differently about leadership and how they can help their organizations adapt to the challenges of the 21st century. Recently, it was my turn to be provoked when I started reading the book Fatal Management (original Danish title:...

Five Circumstances that Will Act Like Rocket Fuel for Your Agile Transformation

After coaching several clients on their Agile journey, I have found that establishing certain circumstances improves their chances of success. The following five have an exceedingly massive impact on an Agile transformation initiative’s success or failure odds. 1) CEO support CEO sponsorship is unquestionably the biggest single difference-maker when introducing Agile; if the fairy godmother...

From Staffing by Role to Staffing by Skills

Organizations often start their Agile journeys by forming one or more teams. One of the “rules” of Agile is that a team needs to be cross-functional (able to perform all the work, from analysis to production, on their own). Many pre-Agile organizations consist mainly of specialists with very narrow but deep skill sets. It is...