Private Training

In-Company Training and Workshops tailored to your needs

Private Training & Workshops

In the last couple of years I have facilitated a number of private trainings and workshops for clients, including, but not limited to:

  • Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials training incl. certification (from 8-24 people)
  • One day Agile Leadership introduction training
  • Teal Organizational Culture Assessment workshop
  • Introduction to Spiral Dynamics and Teal training
  • Organization Design workshop based on the Teal Dots in an Orange World framework workshop
  • How to become a self-leading team workshop
  • Leadership and Organizational Frictions and Practices workshop
  • Agile Governance design workshop
  • Agile Decision-Making workshop
  • One day facilitation training
  • And many more…

Private (or In Company) trainings are perfectly suited for those who require a group from 8 to 16 people to attend the same class. While the content and learning objectives are exactly the same as a public class, there are more opportunities for alignment and exploring organization specific topics.

An additional benefit with private training is that you can save up to 34% on the total price.

Sounds Interesting?

Or fill out the form below to book a private training and I will contact you personally to schedule the date for the training which suits you best. We will also discuss any specific situations or cases of your organization which we can use to customize the training where possible or needed.

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