Supporting organizations exploring

21st Century

Ways of Working

01Vision without execution is just a fantasy

Introducing New Ways of Working is a complex problem to be solved. By testing hypothesis early and often we figure out what works and what need to be tweaked and retested.

02Advisory tailored to your context and goals

Trying to copy someone else's implementation of New Ways of Working often fails. I believe in understanding what makes an organization unique and tailor my approach to fit the needs of the organization.

03Combining experience with proven frameworks

In addition to 21+ years of experience with New Ways of Working, I am certified in a number of relevant leadership tools and frameworks.


Your New Ways of Working

Your context, culture, and industry are unique to your organization.

I will bring concrete experiences from 21+ years of playing with New Ways of Working, and together we will design and explore what Future(-s) of Work fit your organization.

Organizational Design
Leadership Development
Supercharged Coaching
Training and Workshops

Organizational Development

Supercharged Coaching

Leadership Development

Training and Workshops

Teal Leadership Development

Leading New Ways of Working requires a different set of leadership skills.

Organizational Design for Business Agility

Let's avoid falling into the trap of doing more Agile just for the sake of being Agile.

Introducing New Ways of Working (including Agile) is a fascinating endevour, but we should never lose sight of the real goal. Whether it is productivity, predictability, flexibility, or any other “ability”, how you design your organization should be to support these goals.

Teal and Agile Training and Workshops

I facilitate several open Leadership courses, but I also love to do in-house training and workshops.

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